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Kawaii Kickoff

a soccer game 2d, drag to shoot ball in goal, good kawaii art and character animation

Feline Fitness Frenzy

Cat marathon which starts with sprinting, then swimming, then cycling, then finally jogging to the final goal which is cat treats in the end.

Flora Flourish

simply water a potted plant and watch it grow tall

Pink Pooch Puzzle

A pink small dog trying to find it's way through a maze

Bone Quest: Dog's Maze Adventure

get the dog to the end of the maze to find his bone

Mage Lands: Blob Cure

A fantasy world where the protagonist uses an gun to shower the villian green blobs and cure them of dark magic disease and make it to levels to go through the mage lands.

Bone Healer Chronicles

pov of a doctor trying to fix people's broken bones

Teddy's Galactic Rocket Adventure

make a game on teddy bear flying a rocket in space

Candy Crunch: Lava Escape

A person saving their hands from burning rocks while eating candy

Candy Cruncher's Inferno

A person saving his hands from burning rocks, while eating candy

Cloudy Baby Adventure

New born baby flying on cloud dodging missiles and and throwing seeds on ground

CyberQuoridor: Neon Shogi

A cyberpunk Japanese style of the board game Quoridor, played with all the rules, touch screen, 2 players offline

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